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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee oversees the regular business and management of the organization between meetings of the Board of Trustees. The 2015-16 Executive Committee is composed of six officers and two at-large seats. The six officers are: Dr. J. David Richardson, (chairman), Rosendo Parra (vice chairman), Peter Willmot (vice chairman), Dan Metzger (president), Michael McMahon (secretary) and Craig Bernick (treasurer). The at-large seats currently include Bill Casner and Everett Dobson. At-large positions are filled by the appointment of the Chairman and approved by the Board of Trustees.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for selecting the new candidates for possible election to the Board of Trustees. Also, this committee's work includes the evaluation of incumbent trustees as to their possible candidacy for additional terms on the board.

The committee handles the actual invitations to new candidates, incumbent candidates, and the preparation of the election ballot which is mailed to the full membership each year in early July. The three members are Clifford Barry (chairman), Kevin Lavin and Jack Wolf.

American Graded Stakes Committee

The American Graded Stakes Committee (AGSC) began in 1973 as an official working committee of TOBA. For the last 42 years, TOBA has been the custodian of the process of grading the some 463 races meriting that status. The committee's purpose is to maintain the integrity of the sales catalogue page when various graded races are listed. The buyers and sellers of Thoroughbreds need to make sure that Grade I, Grade II, Grade III and Listed races consistently represent the competitive field quality their grade indicates. The AGSC meets every December to review the five-year data on all eligible races. Each of the last five runnings of eligible races are viewed equally, but trends of improvement or decreasing quality are duly noted. The current members of the AGSC include six TOBA members: Dr. J. David Richardson (chairman), Reynolds Bell, Jr., Craig Bernick, Everett Dobson, Mike Levy and J. Michael O'Farrell, Jr. and five Racing Official members: Allison DeLuca, Rick Hammerle, Ben Huffman, Martin Panza and Tom Robbins. Andrew Schweigardt serves as secretary to the committee.

North American International Cataloguing Standards Committee

The North American International Cataloguing Standards Committee (NAICSC) establishes the requirements for non-listed black type races in sales catalogues produced in North America that are compliant with guidelines required by the society of International Thoroughbred Auctioneers. Michael O'Farrell, Jr. and Dan Metzger represent TOBA on this committee.

International Thoroughbred Breeders Federation

The Federation holds a meeting at rotating sites with different countries serving as "host" every 18 months. Sixteen countries are represented as Full Members. The agenda of the meeting centers on health, disease concerns, and breeding trends and techniques. Representatives from each country are assigned appropriate topics to research and prepare a written report in advance of the annual meeting. TOBA's representatives are Dan Metzger and Dr. Peter Timoney.

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