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The TOBA American Graded Stakes Committee is composed of 11 members: six TOBA Members, appointed by TOBA's chairman and confirmed by its trustees, with rotating three-year terms three of which may be consecutive and five Racing Official Members, elected by the six TOBA Members, with three-year terms three of which may be consecutive. Terms commence on August 1. To be considered for committee membership one must have previously served as a Guest Observer for at least one Grading Session. Any racing official on the Committee whose employment status changes significantly during his tenure on the Committee automatically vacates his position on the Committee.

Current Members

Members of the TOBA American Graded Stakes Committee for the December 2, 2015 Grading Session were:

Representing the Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association: Dr. J. David Richardson (chairman), Reynolds Bell, Jr., Craig Bernick, Everett Dobson, Michael Levy, and J. Michael O'Farrell.

Racing Officials Members: Allison DeLuca, Rick Hammerle, Ben Huffman, Martin Panza and Tom Robbins.

Invited Guests: Barbara Banke, Dora Delagado, Sam Elliott, Eric Hamilback, Carl Hamilton, Soshi Inoue, Antonia Newman, and Scott Wells.


A chairman is elected annually by the six TOBA Members. The chairman must have served as a TOBA Member of the Committee for at least two years.

Non-Voting Participants

In the absolute discretion of the chairman of the Committee, Guest Observers may be invited to attend Committee meetings. Guest Observers may not participate in the discussions or deliberations of the Committee without the consent of the chairman.

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