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Farms or Boarding Facilities

If your preference is to first invest in the breeding side of the industry, through owning broodmares or younger stock, one of the first decisions you will make is the selection of a farm or boarding facility. Again, as with selecting other advisors, you should follow the same sound business principles and pose the same types of questions. While the circumstances may be a bit different, the issues are essentially identical.

Despite the similarities, there are some important differences. Keep in mind the following thoughts and questions:

  1. What are the costs involved and what do they cover?
  2. What types of services does the farm offer?
  3. Is there a veterinarian on staff?
  4. What facilities does the farm offer: barns, sheds, training track, etc.?
  5. What is the employee/horse ratio?

Review your concerns, goals and objectives to make sure they are compatible.

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