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There are a number of books on pedigree available through various publishers. Below is a list of books on pedigree. Some are recent and others quite old, but what they discuss is still relevant to understanding pedigree in the modern Thoroughbred. We do not endorse or recommend one book over another, but only provide this list as a resource.

Breeding Bloodstock by Sir Charles Leicester

Breeding for Racing by John Hislop

Breeding the Racehorse by Federico Tesio

Dynasties: Great Thoroughbred Stallions by Edward L. Bowen

Functional Development of the Thoroughbred by Franco Varolo

Inbreeding to Superior Females: Using the Rasmussen Factor to Produce Better Racehorses by Rommy Faversham and Leon Rasmussen

Matriarchs: Great Mares of the 20th Century by Edward L. Bowen

Names in Pedigrees by Joe Palmer

Patterns of Greatness by Alan Porter

Patterns of Greatness II by Alan Porter and Anne Peters

The Estes Formula for Breeding Stakes Winners by Joseph A. Estes

The Great Breeders and Their Methods by Abram S. Hewitt

Typology of the Racehorse by Franco Varola


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