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Owner Education

Veterinary Expenses

Like all professional athletes, your horse will have its share of aches, pains, minor injuries and, sometimes, major injuries as a result of training and competition.

Obviously if your horse is sound, it will require fewer treatments than an unsound horse. If your trainer is one who does not rely heavily on medications or veterinary consultation, the monthly cost to you will be considerably less than one who does. Nevertheless, it seems that at one time or another nearly every horse will go through a period of serious illness or injury that will cost a lot of money to treat.

As an owner, you can protect yourself against unnecessary costs by education and communication. You should try and understand, as much as possible, the purpose and cost of each treatment, procedure or medication performed on or given to your horse. Also, communicate by having a discussion with your trainer in which you learn the trainer's philosophy concerning the extent to which a vet is going to be used, setting a dollar limit beyond which your trainer must consult with you before ordering treatment and keeping in contact with your trainer so you are prepared for any unusual medical outlays.

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