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Seminar and Clinic Testimonials

Check out what attendees are saying about TOBA Seminars and Clinics:

"Over the two-day Pedigree & Conformation Clinic, there was ample time for interaction with the first-rate speakers TOBA had lined up, and a visit to Lexington-area horse farms gave attendees the perfect opportunity to put information presented in the classroom into practice. The clinic was extremely well-run, both from an education and a logistical standpoint, and I still use the knowledge gained during the clinic in my role as a Thoroughbred owner."
     Patti Davis, Hinsdale Ill.

"As a new owner, I found the TOBA seminars very useful. They provided substantive information on a number of important issues (likely expenses, tax and legal issues, different levels of investment, etc), and also provide a venue in which one can meet both experts in the field and other newcomers with whom to share notes. They open the door on a complicated but fascinating world."
     Kevin Brady, Skillman N.J.

"The biggest take-away from the clinic we attended was greater awareness of the breadth and depth of the industry. We really enjoyed the mix and quality of the presenters. By virtue of attending the clinic we have been able to take our learning and successfully embark on breeding the first two of our mares."
     Bruce Maller, Incline Village Nev.

"Thoroughbred horseracing is the one sport where little guys like you and me can successfully compete on the biggest stages of competition against the giants. TOBA and its Thoroughbred Ownership Seminars are invaluable resources to racing fans interested in making the jump to ownership. You won't learn all the answers at an Ownership Seminar, but you will begin to be able to ask the right questions. I highly recommend anyone interested in becoming a race horse owner to join TOBA and to enroll in its educational programs."
    Christopher A. Sterbenz, Vienna Va.

"This seminar is a must for all people involved with the horse industry. The breadth of professional knowledge and information I gained from the varied disciplines, i.e., veterinarians, trainers, breeders, consignors and farriers, is priceless and is useful on a daily continuum. I adamantly believe in educating ourselves in what we are involved in and I cannot wait for the next clinic to attend!"
    Ali Esparza, Ocala Fla.

“A TOBA clinic is the best way for Thoroughbred enthusiasts or race fans to learn more about what it takes and what it's like to own a Thoroughbred. Whether you already own Thoroughbreds, want to own Thoroughbreds or just love the sport of racing Thoroughbreds, a TOBA clinic is for you. There is no better way to network with current members of the Thoroughbred industry and to get a behind the scenes look at what it takes to make a great Thoroughbred race horse. I plan on attending a TOBA clinic every year!”
     Katherine Young, Monticello Minn.

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